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Sep 042014

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What You Need To Know About Cebu City Philippines?

About Cebu City Philippines – While the Philippine economy, as well as the giant economies all over the world, remains in a fragile state, Cebu’s economy on the other hand offers promising opportunities this year, something that Cebuanos should positively look forward to.

Cebu can continuously bank on its strong (growth) assets being located strategically in the country, as a transport hub, and strong outward orientation, such as large export manufacturing base, fantastic tourism attraction, and the growing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector.

The City of Cebu (Cebuano: Dakbayan sa Sugbo) is the capital city of Cebu and is the “second city” in the Philippines with the second most significant metropolitan centre and known as the oldest settlement established by the Spaniards in the country.

A strong indication for this year’s encouraging economic growth for Cebu, is the rising trend of local tax generation, and huge revenues in investments, among others.

About Cebu Philippines

About Cebu Philippines Culture

Cebu City is a significant cultural centre in the Philippines. The imprint of Spanish and Roman Catholic culture is evident. Cebuano culture is traditionally characterized as a blend of Malay[4] and tradition with influences from Asian culture, Spain, and the United States.The majority of its population are Roman Catholic[5] and there are also some followers of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and among others.

About Cebu City Philippines Government

Cebu City is a highly-urbanized city, which makes itself independent from Cebu province despite being the seat of the provincial government centered at the Cebu Provincial Capitol.

Cebu City is governed by a mayor, vice-mayor and sixteen councilors (eight representing the northern and eight representing the southern region). Each official is popularly elected to serve for a three year term. The chief of the Association of Barangay Captains and the President of the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation also managed in the city council. The day to day administration of the city is handled by a city administrator.

About Cebu City Philippines Tourism

The Cebu City Tourism Commission is organized by the City Government as its implementing arm in the conceptualization and actualization of tourism related projects. It has also been commissioned control of application of licenses of tour agencies, operations, tour guides, hotels, restaurants and other related institution.

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About Cebu Philippines, What You Need To Know