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Modena Cebu Philippines

Modena Cebu Philippines

Modena Cebu Philippines


  • Mactan Lapu lapu City
  • Minglanilla
  • Consolacion

Within contemporary Asian inspired neighborhoods in Mactan, Minglanilla, and Consolacion, experience a place where classic meets modern; where calm meets life’s welcome momentum. At modena, discover new dreams and new joys in neighborhoods that offer you a lifetime of possibilities.

Amenties and Features

  • Landscaped Entrance
  • Sophisticated gate
  • Elegant Guardhouse
  • Expansive Green Areas
  • Tree-lined concrete roads with Street Signage
  • Cemented curbs and gutter
  • 24 – hours Security
  • Underground Drainage
  • Convertible Basketball Court
  • Intricately design multifunctional hall
  • Paved & water supply
  • Communal parking areas
  • Lush parks
  • Children’s playground
  • TV cable & telephone lines provisions

Modena Floor Plan


Modena Minglanilla Location

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Modena Minglanilla Location

Modena Mactan Location

Modena Mactan Location

Modena Cebu

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Spot Cash of TCP
Buyer is entitled to 5% discount on TCP

Spot Cash of Equity (20% of TCP)
Buyer is entitled to 2% discount of Equity

Flexible Equity Terms
Equity: 20% Bank Financing: 80%

Equity may be paid in 6 months (RFO and ongoing construction),
or up to 12 months (not constructed) without interest.

Modena Sample Computation 1

Modena Sample Computation



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Modena Cebu Philippines