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Midori Plains Minglanilla Cebu Philippines

Midori Plains is where you revel a carefree and relaxed lifestyle after years of hard work or to nurture a new and blossoming family. The community thrives on thevalues of unity and balance with nature to give your children the inspiration to dream big.
Midori Plains Minglanilla Cebu Philippines

Midori in Japanese, literally means ‘green’ or figuratively, ‘life’.

Midori Plains nestles amid the green and serene vicinity of Tungkop, Minglanilla in Metro Cebu. This 8-hectare, Asian-inspired sanctuary fuses the quietude of zen living pampered by an uninhibited oasis of modern comforts at your behest. It’s an ideal reprieve where pressures and challenges of daily living are soothed and where spirits are reinvigorated.


Experience a real sense of community where people don’t just live close to each other bu remarkably, are much closer with each other. Enjoy a wholesome environment where you and your family can build strong and lasting friendships with other families who share your own values and passion for life and more importantly, your well-being.



  • Semi-circular entrance area with road design artwork
  • Color designated garbage bins
  • Passenger waiting shed
  • Midori Plains signage and lighted garden nooks
  • Entrance road with garden strip and sidewalk
  • Japanese style guardhouse with 5 meters wide gate on both sides, and a pedestrian gate with Torii Japanese design


  • 10 meters wide road with landscaped garden strip and sidewalk, Main road easily leads to the Clubhouse, Pocket gardens and landscaped areas on motor roads and end roads


  • 14.2 meter road with garden strip and sidewalk, Landscaped catchment basin, Rotunda with hardscape and sun-inspired road design, Fountain on center of Rotunda, Gazebo and landscaped gardens on selected blocks


  • Spacious lobby and covered open area
  • Two function rooms with accordion door to accommodate more guests
  • Administration office
  • Male and female comfort rooms
  • 19 parking areas
  • Multi-use open court for: basketball, volleyball, tennis and for mass assembly and festivities
  • Playground area with play facilities
  • Covered walk with side gardens
  • Children pool
  • Main Pool with water feature and shower rooms and sun bathing area
  • Three gazebos on picnic area
  • Community cistern

MODEL UNITS (Click images to Enlarge)


ENSEI (2 Storey Single Detached (LARGE) | 4BR/3TB | FA.77sqm | LA.120sqm | 2,500,000(Basic) | 2,950,000(Enhanced)






MULAN (2 Storey Single Detached (MEDIUM) | 3BR/2TB | FA.68sqm | LA.120sqm | 2,300,000(Basic) | 2,600,000(Enhanced)






LINODE (1 Storey Single Detached | 2BR/1TB | FA.40sqm | LA.120sqm | 1,800,000(Basic) | 2,000,000(Enhanced)






NAOMI (1 Storey Single Detached | 2BR/1TB | FA.40sqm | LA.120sqm | 1,800,000(Basic) | 2,000,000(Enhanced)






SHINA (1 Storey Single Detached | 2BR/1TB | FA.40sqm | LA.120sqm | 1,800,000(Basic)





FURYU (1 Storey Single Detached | 3BR/1TB | FA.52sqm | LA.120sqm | 1,900,000(Basic) | 2,100,000(Enhanced)





MIKA (2 Storey Duplex) | 3BR/1TB/1PR | FA.58sqm | LA.120sqm | 2,100,000(Basic) | 2,300,000(Enhanced)







MAYUMI (2 Storey Townhouse) | 3BR/2TB | FA.60.60sqm | LA.80sqm | 1,750,000(Basic) | 1,950,000(Enhanced)

MAYUMI (2 Storey Townhouse) | 3BR/2TB | FA.60.60sqm | LA.60sqm | 1,600,000(Basic) | 1,800,000(Enhanced)

Midori-Plains-Minglanilla-New Model


SACHI (2 Storey Single Attach) | 4BR/2TB | FA.71sqm | LA.100sqm | 2.310,000(Basic) | 2,530,000(Enhanced) – NEW MODEL UNIT!


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Midori Plains Minglanilla Cebu Philippines