8 Newtown Mactan

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Sep 122014

8 Mactan Newtown Condo Cebu Philippines

8 Newtown Mactan boulevard is part of The Mactan Newtown Condo, a 16-hectare township emerging in Visayas, the country’s vibrant geographical heart. Take your place in a community that has it all — from luxury residences, high-tech business hubs and upscale leisure centers. And be right in the center of the action with your prime location on the northeastern section of the Mactan Circumferential Road.

8 Newtown Mactan Cebu is designed to bring exceptional experiences to your everyday. Made up of four 18-story residential clusters, your address is set at an angle along Mactan Boulevard to capture stunning views of the water in the north, east and southeast. Wing-like steel structures crown the streamlined buildings, and inside, a spacious lobby greets guests with a modern, minimalist ambiance.


Presenting the Most EXCITING SETTING In Mactan

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8 Newtown Mactan Cebu Philippines