Jun 282013

A Company is looking for a titled residential-zoned property/lot in Cebu with:

  1. an area of no less than 5 hectares
  2. to the south, preferably not beyond Minganilla and to the north, not
    beyond Liloan.
  3. preferred location is no more than 5 minutes from the main road; with
    public transportation available going to the area
  4. if connected through a baranggay road, we wish that such baranggay road
    is no less than 6m in width
  5. indicate access of utilities (water/electricity/phone lines)
  6. indicate if there’s a transmission line nearby or cutting trough the
  7. indicate the nearby site for drainage outfall
  8. indicate other matters that you deem crucial to the purchase of the

Would appreciate if you can reply to this ads and hopefully with standard documents including topography of the property.

Please Contact Us Immediately or Call/Text Us if you the above property.

Thank you.